A passenger plane was spotted trying to land as it was surrounded by 12 tornadoes in nail-biting footage. Extreme weather turned the skies dark over the Black Sea and the Russian resort town of Sochi  that looks like a scene from an Armageddon movie.
Heavy rain, gusty winds and 11 waterspouts over the Black Sea forced nine flights to be cancelled and several others to be diverted to airports in Anapa and Krasnodar at the height of tourist season. One passenger jet, however, found a clear route to avoid three waterspouts as those on the ground shot video of the aircraft approaching the town.

The ‘tornadoes’ are actually water spouts, so-called because they formed over water. They are swirling columns of air in the same way as a tornado, which forms on land, but are usually less intense, although still potentially dangerous. Local emergency services issued a warning about the harsh weather conditions and expected strong stormy winds and hail.

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