There was panic on a popular Cape Cod beach after a shark attacked a seal just yards offshore. The shark took a fatal bite out of the seal just off Nauset Beach in Orleans. There were nine shark sightings on the Cape, but the scariest was certainly the one in Orleans. A frantic surfers fled for their lives after suspected great white shark launched a savage attack on a seal just yards from show.
The video begins moments after the shark takes a big chunk out of the seal. It was hunting very close to shore. Everyone was out of the water by then, watching helplessly as the fatally injured seal struggled not wanting to come ashore to a crowd of people, yet not willing to venture deeper where the shark was waiting. A trail of blood could clearly be seen in the water as horrified onlookers were ushered off the sand and the beach was closed.

It was a great luck for the surfer who get his life instead of the life of the sea. Don't forget to share  this  video with your friends and on Facebook.