It is never a good moment when one of the largest ship of the world goes under water with huge amount of goods. Controlling a ship this massive cannot be an easy job. An extremely unfortunate mishap unfolded with dire consequences when a container ship ran aground on the Astrolabe Reef in New Zealand.
The ship called Rena was carrying 1,368 containers, including eight that contained hazardous materials, 1,700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and 200 tonnes of marine diesel. The mishap occurring resulted in an oil spill.

This greatly awful incident happened when a holder ship ran on solid land on the reef. The video shows the process of the container ship being slowly taken by the sea.  After the crush the ship had broken in two. The stern section of Rena had almost completely sunk just two days later.

As the airplane footage shows the ship as it circles around the wreckage, there is a clear sight of the area where the ship was about to split. The wildlife became threatened by the wreck as oil slick spilled into the waters. You can see the ship is sinking slowly. This sinking is actually shocking.

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