Alligators are the king of water world. There is no other species in the water such brutal or cruel predator. They are very ferocious in nature. Nothing can get mercy from their strong jaws.
Here in this video, you can watch the battle of two powerful animals on earth. One is alligator and other is large size elephant.
The elephants are gentle in nature but sometimes they becomes devastating in nature. Elephant is the largest animal among all other animals on land. Human begins bring up them from ancient world for various purposes.
Here an elephant went to drink water near a stream with some other elephants. He could not think what may happen there. He was drinking water with his heart content. An alligator was there in the water and approached to the trunk of the elephant. The elephant never thought of this incident. Suddenly the alligator put a bite on his drowned trunk. It was impossible for the alligator to take the great size elephant into the water. The mother elephant did not give him a chance to escape without a battle.

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