Some of us in the world do not have belief to The Holy Almighty God. They want the evidence by there presence. They claim there is no God any where. They think that it is our blind belief. They have some strong logic that can present before us.
But I have strong confidence that we have God and I can feel his power around and in me. He can do anything whatever he wants.
The mother gave birth two babies (twins) with the help of the doctors and nurses in a specialized clinic. Unfortunately one of her baby stopped breathing, the doctors leave the last hope of this baby’s life. When mother held him tightly with her chest then something happened miraculous. Nobody could believe in their eyes.
Here the video is a Thai TV Commercial for a line of baby products called Babi Mild. We have seen such miraculous in our real life. It happened in Australia.
In 2010, Kate Ogg of Sydney, Australia gave birth to twins. Unfortunately one of her twins, son Jamie was not breathing. Doctors told Kate and her husband to say their last goodbye to sweet innocent Jamie . But the warmth of mother’s love saved Jamie that was a miracle.
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