We know that it is almost impossible getting life after run over by a car falling under it. If anyone survives, it is a great luck for him and this type of incident is very rare. After run over by a car, a man turns into nothing but flesh. But this little boy was dragged underneath the car yet miraculously escaped without any injuries.
This CCTV footage shows a boy is being dragged when the driver was driving wrongly that happened in Yueqing city, China.  You can see the boy bent down tying his shoelaces in the middle of the road. The driver, known only as Mrs Pan, has been charged for dangerous driving.

A white Mercedes approaches him from behind him and in a matter of seconds, drives straight into the child. The boy's body is dragged so far underneath the car he can only just be made out in the CCTV footage, but his backpack stopped a wheel from riding over him just in the nick of time.

Stunned passersby rush to his aid, crowding the car after hearing Mrs Pan's screams. They help Mrs Pan lift the car up not knowing whether the boy would be seriously injured. Paramedics rushed to the boy for treatment, where doctors said he had only escaped serious injury in part because he was wearing the backpack.

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