When we think of snakes, we often think of the deadly slithering beasts that crawl in the nature that surrounds us. Cobra is a venomous snake that makes us fear and we run like crazy to get as far away from them as possible. But this video shows us a different reality, a reality in which snakes can be as helpless and as afraid as us, humans.
An amazing video shows a snake expert  rescue a four-foot-long cobra whose head got stuck in it. The snake with its head stuck in the soft drink can that was a great nightmare for the snake. The crawling animal tries getting its head out of the can opening by moving its body sideways, but seen as the snakes don’t have extremities, the poor critter couldn’t get enough leverage to pull it’s head out.

The man tried taking the snake by the body and pulling it out, but at the last minute he decided that cutting the can on one side would be a safer choice. After the snake crawled out of the can, the man then proceeds to guide the snake in a plastic bag for easier disposal. It was a nightmare experience for the cobra, which entered into the beer can out of thirst during scorching afternoon. The snake sustained head injuries while trying to get release from the can.

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