The advancement in robotics and technology has turned dreams into reality, and what was once thought of as pure science fiction, is slowly becoming accessible. Drones, intelligent cars, assembly line robots are all part of our daily lives. Recently a robotic farm invents such a robot that can back-flip and after that it can stand keeping its balance.   
This robotics company is Alphabet that recently sold to SoftBank  posted a new video that shows one of its more widely known robots doing a back-flip that make the world amazed. In the past many robots have been invented but this type of robot is only one in this present world. While some other robots have been shown performing backflips, Boston Dynamics' two-legged Atlas robot has never been seen doing one. To emphasize the achievement, Boston Dynamics replays the move in slow motion twice in the YouTube video. A blooper is also shown at the end.

If a robot doing parkour is not enough to strike fear into your heart, I hope a robot nailing a back-flip like a tiny gymnast dismounting a balance beam is. This is really almost unbelievable.

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