Everyone knows at least one person who’s extremely hardheaded. You know, the type of person who thinks they know everything and and can do anything. No matter how hard people try to help them steer clear of bad choices, they insist on making them anyway. But sometimes, being hardheaded can actually pay off. If you are the type of person who does not take no for an answer, you may find that you’re capable of doing things you could’ve never even imagined. The old man takes a risk for making a fun beating a bear trap.
The video shows an old man wants to show everyone is still very agile and he can punches a bear trap and pulls out his hand before the trap mechanism is activated on it. Surely nobody gives him a chance but the man shows us he knows what he is doing.
You can see he suddenly throws the wood away, and instead draws his bare hand in preparation to punch the trap. The unseen crowd behind the camera shout at him to desist, screaming ‘stop’ in unison. But the man is adamant that he will conquer this grisly metal trap. His hand hovers over it until it suddenly plunges down and the trap clamps shut, missing his hands by centimeters.

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