Most of the car accidents happen for the sweet will of the drivers. When drivers do not emphasis the safety and show any attention, the accidents then occur.  The video shows  such an unaware driving that was the reason for the scooter accident. A family of three, riding a scooter crashes on the road in China, but what comes next is truly unexpected.
The video shows a scooter can be seen speeding and there were three passengers on it and who were family members. We know that carrying three people in a scooter is dangerous especially if one of those passengers is a small child. The scooter somersaults on the spot  after the driver suddenly pulled the brake.

The scooter flew away over them for pulling the brake. Luckily the three were apparently fine until the father tried to stand the scooter back up. The fault was the driver of the car who was trying to turn his car.

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