Have you ever peed on the electric cable that is not cover with plastic coat or fence that is electrified? How can it shock you? The electric charge has to have a way to reach from the fence to your genitals. Urine streams usually are not a steady stream and instead it is often separated by blank space. But if the charge is high enough, it is possible that the electricity could bridge the gaps in the urine stream and travel all the way up to the source. You know urine is salty that is sodium chloride that can carry electricity easily.
A dog do not know the chemistry of the electricity that can make a bridge through water specially salt water. Dogs always love to pee on the vertical things that can be you.  This male dog decided to take a piss on a fence, which turned out to be powered by electricity. He adjusts mid pee and touches the wire just barely. When the shock happens that front right leg is the first to move, followed by the rest of his body. His pee is stopped that moment and the connection cut off. The dog was left uninjured and was still able to become a stud to three litters after the shocking incident.

The reaction of the dog was actually hilarious but it did no realize what happened there. Don't forget to share this video with your friends and on Facebook.