If you are a father or mother of a child , you should not leave your child alone on the road. This can occur  accident  that can lead children's life to deaf or loses limbs. Such an incident happened in China. A pregnant woman in China rides over a small child with her scooter. But this woman doesn't even look back to check on the boy.
You can see the toddler can be seen running out into the road unaware of the incoming vehicle. The small boy is hit by the scooter and he is thrown under the bike but then becomes caught in the vehicle's wheels. The footage shows the pregnant woman riding a scooter in Jieyang, southern China.

The young boy runs out into the road in front of the scooter. The toddler could not control himself to stop, then the woman runs over the child who then becomes stuck under one of the wheels. Instead of stopping for the child, the woman tries her best to continue driving, using her legs to push the scooter along.  However the woman continues on her journey completely ignoring what has just happened

The mother of the boy rushes to the spot and took him as the woman drives off into the distance. The toddler suffered minor injuries and was not seriously hurt. Don't forget to share this footage with your friends and on Facebook.