There is nothing more shameful than hurting or taking advantage of a child. Yet every day, thousands of American children in the foster care system experience are abused and neglected at their most vulnerable. A great many children in the child care framework experience are manhandled and ignored at their generally powerless. In addition scourge are the conspiring grown-ups who take in foster kids just to trade out the regularly scheduled paycheck.
These three actors- a woman and two kids try to find out the mentality to the distressed children of the people in this society. So, they act in a restaurant to see the reaction of the coming people. Actually they are hired to act in these roles by the team of WWYD. They set up hidden cameras around this diner and hired actors to play the roles of a mom and her children, a biological daughter and a foster son.

The video shows there are many people who have sympathy to these children. Watch the reaction of the people who have a good and noble mentality.

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