The bondage between humans and dogs has lasted thousands of years and has even shaped the way our brains have developed. Our canine companions affect us in a surprising amount of ways, from boosting our immune systems to staving off dementia. With everything that dogs do for us, it’s no wonder they’ve been nicknamed “man’s best friend”.  But this video has shown the dependence  moment of a mom dog to a human mother.
Grayce,  the mom dog has only been a mother for a couple of days. This mom was feeling a bit overwhelmed when she began to pick up her puppies all 11 of them, among them 10 boys and a girl . This mom dog did not want to keep them to herself because that is a great responsibility. Then she places them gently, one by one, into her foster mom's lap. Never think that this foster mother is a dog but she is a human. 

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