For hundreds of years, people have reported seeing hairy, man-like creatures that walk on two legs and live in the forests and mountainous areas of North America and around the world. Have you ever seen Bigfoot in the wild?
Many people swear that they've seen the tall, hairy, ape-like creature moseying through the deep woods. Often known by another nickname, Sasquatch, Bigfoot is alleged to be a huge, hairy mixture of ape and human that walks on two legs like a man. Some believe that Bigfoot are roaming in the deep, dark forests of the world. Certain areas seem to accumulate more alleged Bigfoot sightings than others.

A Bigfoot like creature caught on camera when a man set a camera on the back of a dog. A man strapped a GoPro camera to his pet pooch and filmed the sighting in some woods. The clip reemerged in electronic media and  many theorists coming forward with their opinions. The short footage shows a dog walking through the grassy woods when a figure suddenly works by.  When the dog saw it, he stood still to see the creature. It stands up on two legs like a human but also appears to be hairy and ape-like. Since appearing online some believers have suggested the footage may indeed by genuine.

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