Nature is a mother that is always virgin. We know that nature is an austere and good hearted mother. The creator has adorned his natural creation with his own hand. The mother nature is his blessed. Everything that is around us is animated by her hands, from the insignificant blade of grass, to the tallest tree, from the small bug to the imposing elephant, from the minuscule pebble to the great mountains, from the frail flame to the shining stars. Mother Nature’s Intelligence is harmony, perfect harmony, but how can we perceive it if inside us there is chaos, contradiction. It is necessary to look for silence, interior peace, every moment.

Here you can see, most amazing video of the nature that is the best creation of the video maker. After watching this video, one will watch this again and again. This 2 minutes stunning video beautifully displays our planet and is set to the narrated lyrics of \"What A Wonderful World\". This will brighten your day for sure. You should give \"Thanks\" to this video from BBC. From this video we can catch a glimpse of our planet’s more illustrious visuals, including animals, geographic wonders, rarely seen creatures of the deep,and more.

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