We love fun and enjoy this funny moment by jumping and dancing. You cannot stop your dance if you are teen and you are in a night party. A nightmare may come when you are in full mood of joy. Your joy will not stop and you must forget the surrounding environment.

Here in this shocking video, you can see such a worst situation of a teen girl when she was dancing with her friend with the rhythm of the hit song. Brown was having the time of her life with her gals pals and dancing it up when she was shaking her stuff to Whitney Houston’s "Greates Love of All," and tried to pull off a "slut drop". But that’s a risky move even on a wide-open dance floor and she was in a tiny bedroom. Even worse, she didn’t realize she was standing over a shoe stand with sharp metal poles on it. At one point of dancing while in ’slut drop’, the iron pole of the shoe stand rammed right into her butt, causing Brown to shoot straight up in pain.

She was hospitalized and needed three stitches for a painful wound in her buttock near the vagina. Never do it again.

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