From centuries in some areas of the world that are completely separate from the civilized people. In those area human civilizations have practiced cannibalism– a practice which not only haunts a week hearts but it spreads a dangerous culture. This culture endangers the entire survival of human existence. Almost every tribal culture with few exceptions nurtured and has enjoyed exotic flavors’ of the great human flesh. But those who do are unaware that the cuisines they ate are toxic. Cannibal culture goes in two ways one by killing a person and feasting on him whereas other follows the dead to be eaten by his relatives.

Here in this video, you can see a man is cutting a human body in a village. A village in Uganda is in serious shock after four men were caught boiling and eating human meat. This cruel act is a threat for the human existence. Kiboga is a tiny village in Uganda where the four were feasting when the police stormed their house.

An eye witness of this village saw one of the men carrying human hand and alerted the police. This man lost one of his relative few days ago. Police came and found the culprits boiling human head. The men were arrested and put in police custody. Dangerous to human civilization.

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