Anyone can be abusive and anyone can be the victim of abuse. It happens regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race or economic background. Here in this video, you can see such a footage where a disabled wheelchair-bound woman became a victim of a man brutally near a railway station. This disabled woman who sat in a wheelchair, has been pushed off a railway station platform by a stranger who offered to help her get on board her train. It is actually obscure the reason and why the man started to abuse with the woman.

After pushing on the rail track, the man jumped on to the tracks himself. He suddenly picked up a large rock instead of helping her. Then he started bashing her with the rock repeatedly on the defenseless 72-year-old woman’s head.

This horrific scene was caught by a CCTV Camera the entire scene including the moment selfless commuters raced on to the tracks to stop the attacker hurting her. At this moment, the nearest police reached there and help her and sent her in a hospital.

The woman was on her way to hospital from her home town of Czestochowa, in Poland. When she was in train the man came to help her for getting down the train. Then this incident happened. The reason was not so clear then.

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