There have been a few actual cases of people having some unwelcome guests reside in their bodies. These creatures can be found around us. From a spider living in a human’s stomach to a cockroach dwelling in a man´s ear. Some parasites may go through their entire life cycle with minimal effect on humans, while others may cause debilitating pain and even death when not treated early enough. Many microscopic bugs and bacteria is also living on our skin and within our various nooks and crannies. Almost anywhere on the human body can be home to these enterprising bugs.

Check out these 10 horrifying things that found living inside a human body.

10. Botfly larvae in eye

Everybody has experienced the uncomfortable feeling of having a bug in the eye. This type of pain can create this larvae.

9. Maggots in ear

Medics believe that a fly crawl into ear and lay eggs which turn into maggots.

8. Eel in bladder

The odds of a fish finding your penis and making it all the way to your bladder are higher than you might think.

7. Fish in lungs

A boy from India complained about breathing problems after playing with his friends in a river. The doctor surprised finding a 9 cm long fish was found in the boy’s lung.

6. Lungfish in intestine

Eels mistakenly can travel into your body purposely.

5. Cockroach in ear

Cockroach can enter into your ear for getting smell of ear wax.

4. Tapeworm in intestines

Tapeworms are long parasitic creatures frequently found in human intestines where they can live for up to an incredible 25 years. On average, tapeworms found in humans are several meters long with the longest tapeworm ever found inside a human body measuring 25 meters (82 feet) long.
3. Spider in ear

It is not uncommon of finding a little jumping spider dwelling in ear canal.

2. Worm in eye

A parasitic worm can live in eye that eats retina.

1. Twin inside belly