If God saves, nothing can destruct. This truth is certainly proved, that is seen in the life of human or others living beings.
The unrest in Syria is beyond heartbreaking and the moment of destruction will make you scared. But in times of terror, there comes the occasional miracle that will make you stunned. This cruelty will inspire you for fighting against this terror.

Khaled Farah, a Syrian volunteer rescue worker and one rescue that he will never forget. This unimaginable story from the torn-apart city of Aleppo, Syria, proves that miracle really can happen. A 2-week-old infant was found stuck under rubble of a bombed building. This infant was crying when the rescuer reach near the baby. By the grace of God, the baby managed to stay alive long enough to be rescued. When the baby boy, Mahmud Ibildi, was heard crying from the wreckage, Civil Defence workers knew they had to move carefully and fast to save his life. The baby appeared to be ok as he was pulled out over 16 hours after the bombing. Who will say this war is for peace?
Fortunately, the baby and the baby boy’s mother both were safe. This is absolutely incredible!

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