We are all familiar with the power of makeup. You can literally make yourself look like a completely different person with the right tools and products of makeup. You don’t have to turn to a plastic surgeon to achieve your desire look or view.  All you need is makeup. Some makeup artists have learned to create true miracles that must  amaze you. A  macabre video of a body artist transforming into a living jack-in-the box using nothing but makeup has become a worldwide hit.
This awesome video has emerged of a woman turning herself into a Jack-in-the-box using makeup. The footage shows makeup artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic painting the intricate design of her costume. She demonstrates how to achieve the optical illusion, starting by painting a white 'spring' onto her neck and torso set against a black background. She uses fine brown lines on her face and décolletage to achieve a wooden effect. She explained online that she has been doing body painting for two years and won a competition with this makeup.

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