Pranking with friends can be fun, but it can get more interesting when you pull it off on your girlfriend or wife. Roman prankster creates a prank that is every mother's worst nightmare by tricking his girlfriend into believing their son had been blown up.
This prankster who tricked his partner into believing she watched their three-year-old son die in a quad bike explosion has been described as both “sadistic” and “funny” after the a video of the prank went viral.  The  video shows the anguished mother cover her face in horror as she watched who she thought was her 3-year-old son, Kane, veer up a ramp and come crashing down in a fiery blaze.

But the boy was a dummy and the explosion was just a big pyrotechnics show. His mum screams in desperation as she takes in what has happened before the penny drops and she gives her partner a few choice words. When the unsuspecting mother dashes over to the save her son, she realizes she was the victim of yet another prank.

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