When a dancer dance on the stage s/he wants to give impressive entertainment through her/his performance, but setting yourself on fire is definitely one of the worst. You will never want to burn your intimate part to show the performance.
The dancer who went viral for lighting her crotch on fire says her lady parts are A-OK! Fire Gyal Flexi a competitor in a Dancehall contest tells the incendiary moment was accidental. The shocking moment was filmed on camera and shows Flexi freaking out when she realises her shorts are in flames.

She was meant to have poured a little bit of alcohol on her shorts and then light them up in order to impress her audience but misjudged the amount. Instead, she poured too much alcohol on her private parts before she lit it, leading to the area bursting into flames. Her plan was to put rubbing alcohol on her crotch, which she would lite and then immediately smother the flames. She suffered first degree burns around her inner thigh area, but is expected to make a full recovery.

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