Who don\'t know the world\'s football star Cristiano Ronaldo? This star  who has created a buzz on the Internet after a video of the ball-juggling football star entertaining people in a public square in Madrid went viral.
Ronaldo in his disguised state was showing off his football skills in the popular Plaza del Callao in Madrid. He interacted with lots of passers-by who were oblivion of the fact that he was Cristiano Ronaldo. Virtually unrecognizable dressed in scruffy clothes, wearing a fat suit and a fake beard from his usual glamorous self, the Real Madrid striker was a bag of tricks as he wow-ed unsuspecting onlookers at the Plaza del Callao. He was also ignored by a lot of people and rejected by a girl who he asked for her number.

One woman even rejected his advances after he asked for her phone number, but the 30-year-old Ronaldo had the last laugh when he revealed his true identity to a young boy after presenting him with an autographed ball. Cue pandemonium in the square, as people flocked to take photos of the Portuguese football star. Ronaldo\'s presence also caused pandemonium in the streets as everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of him.

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