We are amazed when we see magic on the stage. Some of them are amazing and funny but there are some magic tricks that can make you senseless.This guy Criss Angel make the people horrified by his magic in a park. He pulls their Bodies apart in 2. He talks to the individuals within the park and will this cool trick on a number of them whose willing to participate in his trick he rips their body in 2 components from high to bottom.
The following video is not appropriate for people under the age of 18. He attempts to demonstrate to some bystanders how fun it is to pull apart a couple by their torsos and switch their bodies up. He literally cuts them open. Magicians have been cutting innocent women in half since the first days of magic and they have been getting better and better at it.

Criss asks a woman to lie down on a park bench. He asks two other spectators to hold her arms and legs and when they each pull in their direction, the woman’s body seemingly splits in two parts as she screams in pure horror.

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