If you have ever gone out for the night and had a little too much to drink, you know things can go worse when the liquor gets in your system. Being drunk can lead to some hilarious moments, but it can also lead to some pretty embarrassing one. Here in this video, the girl was too much drunk and did something disgusting and get karma next moment.  '
The video shows, the girl in the night club was too much drunk and was leaving the dance floor and when he reach the table where the drink is served, she took a glass and pees in it. It seems the girl was going to toilet. This girl thought it’d be a good idea to pee into a cup while at the club, instead of visiting the restroom.

An observant clubgoer noticed the girl squatting and urinating into the cup, so, of course, they felt the need to document it. After the girl wraps up her dance floor whiz session, she nonchalantly sets the cup on the table next to the person filming her. That person decides it’s probably best to return the urine to its rightful owner and throws it all over the back of the girl. The girl pretends to not notice she is now covered in her own urine. But, she knows. She definitely knows.

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