Our world is full of mysterious creatures and some are out of the human world. Nature will amaze you at every stage or can anywhere. Some of them appear before us suddenly.  We still don’t know about some parts and breeds exist on earth. There is a certified ratio of 67% of earth is still unexplored.
Here we are talking about the strange creature that was spotted by a man filming at the bottom of the ocean in Bali-and some viewers were struggling to work out what it could be and here the mother nature amazed them again with its creature.

This is a mysterious creature with a transparent head and 13 legs has been spotted at the bottom of the ocean by a baffled deep sea-river. Its head looks completely transparent somehow expands to three times its original size as it scours the ocean floor for food.  This sea slugs can grow to over 12cm in length, but their most fascinating attribute is the way they feed.When another sea creature touches the sensitive cells on the inside of the veil, it will contract rapidly, trapping the prey. This strange animal appeared to sport a large jelly-like ball where its head should be, that seemed to be filled with spiky teeth.

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