Fishing is not so easy for the new who have no experiences. They can easily catch using fish trap.  Fish trap is such instrument that is used for fishing. It needs only some tools for making fish trap. Fish traps are set near the fish source or in the water. Fishing nets are also used for fish trap. Fish traps are almost used all over the world and one can make it at home. Some people try to catch fishes physically that is very hard for their daily meal.
In Cambodia, girls are expert for making fish trap and they usually catch fishes from their nearby river or lakes. The pretty girl uses this most innovative trap that is plastic drum fish trap. Just in case you ever need this trick, here’s how it works. It is industrious catching fishes using boat with nets and rod but it is a easy task to catch fish using trap.

This Cambodian beautiful girl is catching fish using her handmade fish trap that is actually easy. She first makes a fish trap using plastic drum and plastic pipes.  She sets the trap in shallow water. You can see some fishes are trapped in the trap.

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