Man can do something incredible that will never come in our mind or we cannot think. But human can do such thing that make us astonished. We love green coconut water and its kernel that has great health value.  But when we try to break these coconuts, it is also hard to try. But a man who sets world record making a whole on the thick and hard skin on coconuts. There are impressive feats of strength and there are jaw-dropping feats of strength that you wouldn’t believe are true unless you see them with your own eyes.
Here in this video, you can see the man is piercing his finger in coconut using no other tools. It is hard to pierce  finger into thick skin of coconut. Generally it needs hard tool to help crack one open. But for one man, all he needs is one finger.  The Guinness Book World Record holder,  Ho Eng Hui, a.k.a. Mastor Ho from Malaysia, managed to pierce four coconuts with his right index finger in 12.15 seconds.

It seems the man can pierce his finger on the human skull. Don't forget to share this amazing video with your friends and on Facebook.